Celebrating 10 Years

Thanks to our valued customers, we've been keeping useful materials out of landfill for 10 years. You deserve kudos for doing your part. Thank you.

Company Profile

Twenty-Twelve Electronics Recycling Inc. is a family-owned, federally-incorporated company whose owners strongly believe that we, as a society, must take responsibility for our use of the earth's resources. We decided to stop talking and start doing something about the issue.

The owners, Randy and Nancy, discussed electronics recycling for several years; but the market wasn't ready. In December 2005, the market appeared ready so we beat our heads against a wall trying to come up with a name and then incorporated and rented space at 14 Bexley Place. The doors first opened on the Recycling Centre in January 2006.

On July 1, 2011, we moved the Bells Corners location to a larger facility at 6 Bexley Place. We also opened an AS IS Store to facilitate reuse of some items before final destruction and recycling.

Our Mission

To keep toxic materials out of landfill sites and to divert waste from landfill sites into alternate streams wherever feasible while keeping these important resource available for reuse within Canada.

Origin of the Name

The name of the company came from a documentary called Ancient Prophecies, specifically an episode dealing with the Ancient Maya and the prediction that the world will end on December 21, 2012. In the episode electronic equipment rose up against its makers. At Twenty-Twelve we recycle equipment so it won't be able to rise up. Of course, we also have a strange sense of humour.


Brookecliff Technology Corporation / The Trailing Edge: We provide parts to The Trailing Edge and resell some of our higher quality items through them.

What We Do With Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

We provide secure, environmentally-sound, and Ontario-based processing of your waste electronics, small appliances, and "white goods." Some items are dismantled in our location, while other items are sent in their original condition to Ontario-based processors.

Upcoming Events

Contact us if you would like to host an event:  613-596-0310

Carleton Place

Unfortunately, the Carleton Place Environmental Action Commitee is not holding their recycling event this April. Please contact us if you are a Carleton Place business with a large parking lot who might like to host a recycling event.